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Have you ever wondered how little you know about our political beliefs? Just like us, maybe you are still discovering where you stand, as well as discovering different political positions and their respective philosophies. What is the difference between a liberal and a libertarian or between a conservative and a labourist?

The Invisible Hand? is a project that aims to help you to answer these questions and determine your own political beliefs. We will be presenting arguments about the economic and social freedoms and the respective political and philosophical views.

As a beginning, me and two other collaborators will present our views on different topics. Given our political beliefs and arguments, you will be able to recognise the political positions that you mostly agree with, and eventually find where you stand in the political compass. You will therefore be much better informed when it comes to your political choices, and what you stand for as an individual; do you stand for liberty or for authority?

To be part of the discussion follow us on Instagram and Facebook. The arguments will be achieved here.

P.S: The Invisible Hand is a term coined by Adam Smith to show how the free market self-regulating mechanisms produce widespread benefits better than what a regulated market would do. Do you believe in the Invisible Hand?


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