Opinion Poll #1: Should taxation be voluntary?

Capitalist libertarian 🐰- Yes, taxation is theft! Any transaction that does not represent the free will of both parties is not legitimate. Taxation therefore is no different than theft, because you are giving something out by force. I believe that the public sector provides lower quality services, therefore everything should be left to the private, thus no need for taxation. Moreover, most rich people engage in charity voluntarily. Their resources that way are much better used than when they go to the big pot of the state, and often end up in the pockets of the politicians. 

Liberal 😺 - No i do not think taxation should be voluntary - As a species we are in competition we each other for resources, for better mates and to give our children better futures/ lives as we can this involves trying to get a edge over other people - People are inherently selfish and will put their own interests and those of whom they care about above those of others - We do not yet live a society spurred by altruism. Taxation is a crucial part of the functioning of any country. Also a last point i don't think the average person has the adequate capacity to think about the broader impact of this decision.

Which one do you agree with?


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