Review: Bath and Stonehenge

I recently visited Bath and Stonehenge and I would like to share some moments with you.


The world known Stonehenge is absolutely a must for someone visiting England. This mysterious circle of stones has amused people and historians over the centuries. How was it build and what it its function are the most common questions.

I wonder if it really has to do with the sun, as the sun is not visible in England most of the time. 
You may know even better than me about Stonehenge. The audio guide had some interesting information. Recently it is thought that Stonehenge was a cemetery for the ancient elite.
I also learned that the stones were believed to have healing effects and people used to steal them when the area was not protected yet.

Is it a temple to worship the sun? A hug calendar? A healing place?
Stonehenge site is not only a bunch of stones in the middle of the field. Very nice facilities are build near it, with souvenirs, exhibitions and bar.


Quite near to Stonehenge, the creepiest cities I have ever seen. When I first saw it from the hill I was so impressed that I didn't even take any photo.

Not my photo credit
Bath is known for its architecture and is part of World Heritage Site since 1987. The name "Bath" is linked to the presence of thermal baths in the city centre, build by the Romans.
Not my photo credit
Lets get back to architecture. People in Bath say that the main designer, John Wood the Elder, and later the Son were part of free masons, and the whole city relies on hidden symbols. First of all, the main streets of the city form the shape of a key.

The Circus is one of the main attractions, Its is the circle shape object shown in the first photo.
 Also, in the main Circus place, the decorations seem to be repetitive, but each one of them is slightly different from the other, as shown in the photo below.

Interesting fact: The circus is said to have been inspired by Stonehenge. Their diameters are the same.

Finally, the greatest building is The Royal Crescent, again in Georgian style.

The Royal Crescent. Not my photo credit
Interesting fact: While The Circus is said to represent the sun, judged by the round shape and the link to Stonehenge, the Royal Crescent looks to represent the moon.
The Royal Crescent is build 230 years ago.
Well, I am not a fan of the conspiracy things, but the city had a strange atmosphere, or maybe this was just the way how I felt about it, but I am not the only one to say so.

The main street is called Gay Street.
Before leaving, we had a cup of tea in a very cosy bar that I loved. I definitively loved Bath and its fantasy architecture.

Thank you for reading.


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