Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Well, I have learned from the Daily Mail that big titles do it better. I have witnessed a 90% solar eclipse in Cardiff today, still cool enough to be ranked among the amazing things I have done.
My friend, Amra, even went to hear an open lecture about the eclipse at the museum last night and had so much information about the time and visibility. 

Solar Eclipse 2015 Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
The picture above is during the end of the eclipse cycle, as I was too busy staring at it and not taking pictures when sun was 90% covered
We decided to go in front of the museum at 9:30 am when the peak was supposed to be, but I was late and when I left my home I could feel the weird darkness falling on the city. I grabbed my high UV protection glasses and stared at the sun for three minutes without worrying a single bit about the several warnings of not staring without special glasses. When we arrived in front of the museum we saw loads of Cardiff University students and media. We managed to find eclipse glasses and we even created our pin hole projector. Some guys offered us binocular projection and we even used the dark box I was carrying as a projector.

I have always loved physics, and while I was staring at the eclipse, I felt once again amazed by physics and its fundamental laws. I also recalled this drawing I have painted done when I was only six:

Instead of the smiley sun, there is a creepy eclipse going on. 
It is unbelievable how our sun is four hundred times bigger than our moon and the moon at this particular time is four hundred time closer to us than to the sun so they appear the same size. There is no other planet in our solar system that experiences an eclipse like this one!

Afterwards we headed to the Natural Museum and we saw the dinosaurs and fossils, stuffed animals, stunning gem stones and minerals, just to remind ourselves how rich and wonderful our world is, and how much is yet to be known. 

Crystals at Cardiff Natural Museum

Crystals at Cardiff Natural Museum

Crystals at Cardiff Natural Museum

Stuffed animals at Cardiff Natural Museum- Taxidermy section
Stuffed birds at Cardiff Natural Museum - Taxidermy section

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